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Film. Animation. Production.

LONDON, United Kingdom


Craig Heathcote is a London based director + filmmaker.


His passion is people and their stories, and he has a unique ability to put his subject at ease and give them the confidence to shine on camera. 


Craig has a keen interest in LGBTQ culture and his series of films entitled ‘Beyond The Margins’ mark his exploration further into this world - he engages us beyond the zeitgeist and his story-telling style forms a definite visual and narrative language that he can call his own.


We love Craig’s work, and look forward to his next project.

Will and Carly are London based directors whose work focuses on a heightened visual representation of life and emotion. 


Their work uses a mixture of stylised cinematography and visual symmetry, with influences ranging from the performance art of Marina Abramovic to 90’s hip-hop and New Vampire Cinema.

More recently they have explored projects that deal with human and social issues to raise awareness and inspire change.

The simple yet very humorous drawings Dave Anderson makes are always contrasting within themselves. Form and content seem to be created to be the exact opposite of each other, and that's what makes his style so interesting.


If you don’t have a good old belly laugh, or at least a chuckle at his creations, well, you’re even more bitter than I am. Design Week

Max is a writer and director from Sydney, based in London.

His work has been regularly featured on 
NOWNESS, as well as Promo NewsThe GuardianInterview MagazineBOOOOOOOM, HungerMonster Children and Campaign Brief.

Definitely one to watch. 

Stef + Wyt are a directing duo from Paris who has an eye for unique beauty and creativity. 

Being both artistic and experimental, this directing duo have created some interesting work for both niche artists to worldwide known brands, such as Dior. 

Hoping to break out into the UK market for Film and Music productiion, Stef and Wyt beginning to branch into the advertising world as well.